Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 23: Duty

Noun; a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.


Today I will do the work that lies nearest.  Do it as well as I can.  Do it gladly.  the reward of doing one duty is the power to do another.  Be constantly inspired by a love of work well and faithfully done.


My Exercise:

Say these words positively:

  1. I daily do my full duty.
  2. My course is ever onward.
  3. Duty is the path to success.
  4. Duty knows no fear.
  5. I dare to do my duty.


So nigh is grandeur to our dust, so near is God to man.  When duty whispers low, then must, the youth replies, I can.  ~Emerson.

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 22: Speech

Noun; the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds.


Today I will use the deep tones of the voice.  Speak deliberately, and articulate words clearly.  Let the aim be to use simple, direct English.  Avoid slang and loose expressions.  Investigate every word whose meaning or pronunciation is doubtful.


My Exercise:

Practice these aloud:

  1. Repeat e, a, aw, ah, o, oo.
  2. Strike sharply he, ha, haw, ho, hoo.
  3. Sing “bell”, sustaining the “L”.
  4. Repeat rapidly be-ba-baw-bah-bo-boo.
  5. Burst the voice on ba, baw, bo, boo.


Speak not at all, in any wise, till you have somewhat to speak; care not for the reward of your speaking, but siimply and with undivided mind for the truth of your speaking.  ~Carlyle.

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 21: Truth

Noun; the quality or state of being true.


Today let the motto be “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”  Think the truth, speak the truth, live the truth.  Power and self-confidence comes from consciousness of being right.  Let the life be based upon truth.


My Exercise:

Repeat these words many times:

  1. The truth at any cost.
  2. Truth is born of honesty and sincerity.
  3. I date to be true.
  4. I love truth for truth’s sake.
  5. The truth is always right.


Truth crushed to earth shall rise again:  The eternal years of God are hers; but error, wounded, writhes in pain, and dies amid her worshipers.  ~Bryant