• Netflix error on Apple TV 2g Jailbreak

    Getting the error on Apple TV that Netflix can’t connect? “Netflix is currently unavailable, please try again later” If your Apple TV is not jailbroken then you just need to remove all of the cables from your ATV and wait 60 seconds as well as turn off or unplug your TV and receivers. Then plug …

  • Ancient Artwork

    A quick skim through the database brought up some interesting images from the past.  Life is so much fun, and as photographers we get to freeze that experience in place and time in our own way.  That’s what makes our artform so beautiful…it’s our own rendition merely by our viewpoint of what’s going on around …

  • Blog to twitter works…check it out

    Great wordpress plugin http://software.o-o.ro/twit-update/

  • Just Testing out the blog to twitter plugin on WordPress

    kind test cool! sweet test