About Me & This Website

I want to thank you for actually taking the time to read this and being on my website.  I have spent the last 25 years accumulating knowledge and experience in a wide array of categories.  I want to share what I have with you and the world. Knowledge is about learning and wisdom comes from applying that knowledge in your life.  We all have a responsibility to collect and store as much knowledge we can and then use that information and wisdom to discover more knowledge and share that with others so that it may spiral upwards to human enlightenment.  I believe that we all have an inherent ability to attain freedom in all its forms and to lift others to do the same.  In this way, we all can elevate our experience and contribution to our world while we are living here.

Mission & Purpose

As I move through my life, I want to help those around me and bring everyone I come into contact with to a new level.  I aspire to reach thousands of people and connect with you all in a way that brings about like and growth in your own life.

Life Motto

To create a reality worth sharing with those we love most.

Knowledge, Skills & Accolades

  • University of Toronto National Biology Contest Winner ( Ranked Top 10 % in Canada)
  • B.Sc. Biology Specializing in Biotechnology & Genetics from York University
  • W.M. of K.S.L. No.22 A.F.A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario
  • Naturopathic Healing & Energy Science Studies
  • Sacred Geometry Studies
  • Study of Ancient Human History
  • Natural Remedies and Healing Studies
  • Proficient Inventor
  • MVP Junior A Hockey

  • Hockey Coach & Sport Instruction Coach
  • Extensive Experience in Biotech, Medical, and Natural Health Products
  • Professional Event & Fine Art Photographer
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • eCommerce
  • Custom Home Construction & Renovation Contracting
  • Author
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Stock Market Investor

Operating Assets & Services

  • ViQiA Rejuvenation

    ViQiA Rejuvenation

    Life Beyond Time

  • 8M Wealth Group

    8M Wealth Group

    Making Money Make Money

  • Ceci Contracting

    Ceci Contracting

    Custom Homes Built to Last

  • Lightroompad


    The Fastest Photo Editing Tool in Town

  • SmartketPlace


    A Marketplace of Smart Products

  • PickyClicky


    Where Picky Clients & Vendors Click


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