Productivity like a Martial Artist

I’ve been using Omni Focus for a little over a year now….well, since the iPhone came to Canada in 2008.  This program is absolutely amazing.  But, it doesn’t make sense unless you understand what GTD is.  GTD stands for Getting Things Done.  It was created by David Allen.

GTD takes productivity and resource allocation out of your head… it relieves your stress.

The first time I did a brain dump to the Inbox….I almost started crying from the relief……a huge weight lifted off my shoulders…almost literally.

My mind was clear….and then I started just Getting Things Done.

So, my OMNI Focus is an amazing tool to allow you to use this productivity mindset.

It rocks because it’s synchronizable to your iphone.  The app is $20…but worth every penny.  Especially since it uses the map and tells you when you are in relation to where your projects can be done.  EX…pick up bananas at the grocery store.  Drop off package at UPS.  As you’re are driving…it will alert you to something that you can “Get Done” in the area.

Check out OMNI Focus HERE

Real Estate in Toronto…simplified.

I am currently in the market searching for that perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, for the perfect price…..etc….it’s perfectly impossible!

The good news is, I’ve been using a website to help ease the pain in searching for my fabulous dwelling.

This site rocks!

It gives you information way past the usual square footage and neighborhood….it gives details into the very soul of the neighborhood. For example, what was the average rating for a school in the area you’re looking to buy…..the answer is there!

Check it out if you’re interested. I think they also have a brokerage, so you can buy homes through Realosophy as well.