Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 11: Health

Noun; the state of being free from illness or injury.

Today I learn that a strong mind in a strong body is the ideal.  Stop everything that impairs health, and do those things that will build it up.  good health is a vital element of courage.  Joy in work will daily strengthen physical forces.  I will aim to develop endurance.

My Exercise:

Hold in the mind the positive thought of perfect health.

  1. Breathe deeply.
  2. Masticate food thoroughly.
  3. Sleep 8 Hours
  4. Give 10 minutes to exercise.
  5. Have one “play time” daily.

Nor love, nor honour, wealth nor pow’r, can give the heart a cheerful hour when health is lost.  Be timely wise; with health all taste of pleasures flies.  ~Gay.

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 10: Promptitude

Noun; the quality or habit of being prompt

Today I will be up and doing.  Today let everything “be on time”. Delays are dangerous.  Punctuality gives poise and peace of mind.  Time flies.  Keep every engagement and obligation promptly.  Men know us by our promptitude.

My Exercise:

Repeat these positively::

  1. He who hesitates is lost.
  2. I do everything on time.
  3. Promptitude gives many advantages.
  4. Procrastination is the thief of time.
  5. Finish today’s business today.

Know the value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it.  No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination; never put off ’till tomorrow what you can do today. ~Chesterfield

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 9: Unselfishness

Adjective; having or showing more concern for other people than for yourself : not selfish

Today I will be generous and kind.  Give to others.  By daily acts of kindness, and words of cheer, I will make others happy.  Think good thoughts for all mankind.  Let the supreme joy be to serve others.

My Exercise:

Think deeply on these:

  1. All I have is what I give away.
  2. It is more blest to give than to receive.
  3. To give much is to have much.
  4. I am thoughtful to the old and poor.
  5. Today I shall do at least one act of kindness.

Give unto me, made lowly wise, the spirit of self-sacrifice; the confidence of reason given; and in the light of truth thy bondman let me live! ~Wordsworth

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 8: Faith

noun; complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Today I will learn that faith gives confidence and encouragement.  Faith bridges difficulties and accomplishes the seeming impossible.  All power comes from it.  Through faith we look into the future with assurance.  “I can; I will.”

My Exercise:

Concentrate upon these and similar thoughts:

  1. Faith can remove mountains.
  2. Faith has inspired all great minds.
  3. Faith is evidence of things not seen.
  4. Faith disarms all fear.
  5. Faith points the way.

I held it truth, with him who sings to one clear harp in diverse tones, that men may rise on stepping-stones of their dead selves to higher things. ~Tennyson

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 7: Deliberateness

Adjective; characterized by deliberation or cautious consideration; careful orslow in deciding

Today I will carefully weigh facts and arguments: think deeply; try to reach correct and mature judgements; reflect much; look before I leap; avoid hasty conclusions; take all the time necessary; think and speak deliberately.

My Exercise:

Meditate upon the following:

  1. Think before you speak.
  2. Premeditation saves one from mistakes
  3. To weigh well is to do well.
  4. Foresight is better than afterthought.
  5. Haste makes waste.

Power can do by gentleness that which violence fails to accomplish; and calmness best enforces the imperial mandate. ~Claudianus.

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 6: Patience

noun; the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Today I will focus on how patience wins self-respect, and the good-will of others.  It is a sign of superiority.  Maintaining an unruffled temper under all circumstances will give vastly increased power and advantage.  I will resolve to be kind, courteous, thoughtful, and forbearing.

My Exercise:

Repeat the following several times:

  1. Patience gives me power.
  2. Patience overcomes difficulty.
  3. Patience is a virtue.
  4. Patience weakens prejudice.
  5. Patience wins friends.

Still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labour, and to wait. ~Longfellow

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 5: Realization

noun; an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.

Today I will ask myself: What abilities have I?  What can I do best?  What should I develop most? How can I use my resources to the best advantage?  How can I employ unused power?  What do I lack?  Such questions disclose needs and help to apply abilities in newer and larger ways.

My Exercise:

Dwell on these:

  1. I can only use what I know.
  2. I am what I am.
  3. Thought can achieve wonders.
  4. My efficiency grows through exercise.
  5. I realize my power for great achievement.

Stating the thing broadly, the human individual usually lives far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.  he energizes below his maximum, and he behaves below his optimum. ~William James

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 4: Earnestness

noun; sincere and intense conviction.

Today I will be eager for achievement, get the best by doing the best; be deeply sincere; concentrate; become interested; be determined; resolve to succeed; be ambitious and energetic; feel strong and active.

My motto for today: “This one thing I do!”

My Exercise:

Say these resolutely:

  1. Do but one thing at a time
  2. A spirit of enterprise animates me.
  3. My happiness grows out of earnestness.
  4. I know no limitations.
  5. I concentrate as never before

I am in earnest.  I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard~ William Lloyd Garrison

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 3: Wisdom


noun; the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

Today I will develop common sense; observe closely; think clearly; judge prudently; be discreet; think before I speak; be serious; aim particularly to form judicious and accurate judgements; grow daily in mental power and discernment.

My Exercise:

Think deeply on these thoughts:

  1. Wisdom is better than riches.
  2. To know is to conquer.
  3. “I am as great as my thoughts”
  4. My mental power is unlimited.
  5. I know more today than yesterday.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. ~Proverbs

Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 2: Optimism


noun; hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Today I will persist in seeing the bright side of life, remembering that “He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.”  I will be optimistic and believe in the triumph of good over evil.  “Today is mine.”

My Exercise:

Dwell intently upon these thoughts:

  1. A smile disarms anger and discontent.
  2. What I look for, that I find.
  3. Believe in the world’s betterment.
  4. The best time to be happy is now.
  5. There is no evil, but thinking makes it so.

“Give us, oh, give us, the man who sings at his work!  he will do more in the same time- he will do it better – he will persevere longer.  One is scarcely sensible of fatigue while he marches to music.  the very stars are said to make harmony as they revolve in their spheres” – Carlyle