Alan Watts on Everything

I have come to know about a man.  A remarkable man.

Alan Watts

Should you also get to know him, you will find that your life will take funny little turns for the better and you will see things in a brand new light.

Life becomes magical.


His philosophy is that of any other enlightened man.

The middle way.

My first introduction to him was in a beautiful apartment in Niece, France.  Where we were spending the better part of our holidays with two friends of ours, who, for lack of enough time to explain their situation, had left their life in Canada in search of something more.  They were free spirits in search of a better way to live.  They found this video inspiring and shared it with me.  This one video sparked a change in my life.  Not instantaneously, but through exposing myself to this man, my life truly changed.

Here is that video:


Continue to watch all of his videos!  There are more and more ending up online from his collection that has been recently digitized by his son and other students who have recorded him in the 50’s-80’s.

A remarkable man… to start your remarkable journey of superawesomeness.