Daily Steps In Self Mastery – Day 9: Unselfishness

Adjective; having or showing more concern for other people than for yourself : not selfish

Today I will be generous and kind.  Give to others.  By daily acts of kindness, and words of cheer, I will make others happy.  Think good thoughts for all mankind.  Let the supreme joy be to serve others.

My Exercise:

Think deeply on these:

  1. All I have is what I give away.
  2. It is more blest to give than to receive.
  3. To give much is to have much.
  4. I am thoughtful to the old and poor.
  5. Today I shall do at least one act of kindness.

Give unto me, made lowly wise, the spirit of self-sacrifice; the confidence of reason given; and in the light of truth thy bondman let me live! ~Wordsworth