New Mac Pro 8-core 2009

I just purchased the new 2009 Mac Pro 2.8Ghz 8-Core with 8 Gigs of Ram, 256mb Radeon graphics card, 320GB boot drive, 1TB media drive, and a NEC 2090UXI monitor.

This system is AMAZING!!

Upgrading from the 24″ iMac to this beast is like driving a smart car and jumping into a Ferrari!  The system is so fast that I can’t keep up with it….or load enough programs to bog it or slow it down at all.  Most of all, it’s really beautiful.  The design team at Apple is amazing.  Every component is accounted for (except for the wireless Airport card…but we’ll get to that in a minute).

I basically got this system to reduce my travelling to and from my studio downtown.  I live in the suburbs and travel over 2 hours each day to go to my office.  Enough is enough.  I bit the bullet and bought the silver bullet.

I got an AMAZING deal from

This system only cost me $2900!!!  Don’t ask how…and I’m sure he doesn’t have any left at this price…but did I luck out or what??

The system is incredible, although the only problem that I had was figuring out which wireless adapter would do the job.  First I bought the Belkin USB N-band adapter….no luck….not Mac friendly….no drivers.

Then I tried the Linksys PCI adapter, but no luck either….you need a PCI-E  (extreme) adapter.  So before I went back to Best Buy to return this one, I tried Canada Computers and Ron there helped me find the right USB adapter.  We found the D-Link DWA-140 adapter is the best suited USB adapter around.  Although you have to download the Mac driver from their support site :  It’s a SUPER FAST adapter.  I just can’t justify spending over $200 for an Apple Airport Extreme card when this will do just a good a job for only $60CND.

D-Link DWA-140 N band wireless USB adapter

D-Link DWA-140 N band wireless USB adapter

It receives N signal very well.  I have my Linksys router on the top floor of my home and this picks up the signal at 70% quality or more from the basement!!

Just wanted to let you know about this because if I had this information available today, I probably would have saved several hours going back and forth to the store.

Hope this helps someone who is looking for wireless connections for their Mac Pro.