Scosche solBAT II Solar Battery Charger

Reserve iPhone Power

In planning our honeymoon to Thailand, there is much to be said about the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will have ample power supply should you need it.  My main concern was to always have battery power on my iPhone should we run into a situation where we will be unable to recharge the device for more than a day.  Safety first!

I decided a 2 step approach would be best.

1.  Extend the life of the iPhone with a built in battery pack case.

2.  Have reserve power in a separate solar charging device.


For the first part, I wanted to get a power supply case that was slim, light, and easy to use.  After much searching and deliberation, I decided on the Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack AirI bought the Mophie Juice Pack Air from Walmart for just $60.  When you take into consideration that most iPhone cases cost $30+ then you quickly realize that this is a great product for the price.  The pack extends the iPhone battery life by giving it a charge whenever you want.  You can put the case in “stand by” mode, and it will not drain the Mophie to charge the iPhone until you want it to.  Or, you can use the Mophie power juice before tapping into your iPhone charge because when the Mophie Juice Pack is turned on, the iPhone uses that power first, just like it would if it were plugged into the wall.

Overall, I feel very confident that I will not be stranded without iPhone battery life and that the $60 investment is well worth it, even for day to day life.


However, should I get stranded somewhere long enough that both the Mophie and iPhone battery are drained completely, I can give them both a boost of charge with the Scosche solBAT II – Solar powered backup battery and charger.

Scosche solBAT II Solar Battery ChargerThis Lithium Ion Solar Powered portable battery charger is fantastic.  It allows you to plug in any usb powered device and charge it.  You can charge the solBAT with a usb for a rapid charge (2 hrs) or leave it in direct sunlight to recharge the internal battery (4-5 days) or power usb devices simultaneously.  This handy battery pack uses lithium ion, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to completely drain before charging it again (like NiMH batteries – offered with the KODAK Solar Charger KS100-C+2).  Plus it has a strong 1500mA battery with 500mA output to quickly charge the device that needs it (camera, phone, pda).  This item is only $30 at Walmart vs. $40 for the Kodak.  It comes with a handy ring clip to strap onto your backpack, and a hard case holder with suction cups so that you can keep it on the windshield of your car so that it charges continuously and is always ready to give you power in times of need.


Overall, these two devices combined will allow me to use my iPhone for several days without worrying that it will die.


Well worth the $90 in total!